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To reach ECO-ZEO objectives, the project is organized in nine work packages well interconnected between them to reach expected impacts.

WP1 Management

The main objective of this work package is to coordinate and manage the project by means of a set of management procedures.
• Coordinating the highest decision-making body of the project: the Executive Board.
• Implementing and Coordinating the Quality Assurance Plan
• Ensuring all Administrative, Legal and Financial issues are managed to a high standard, to guarantee that all EC requirements for reporting are met.
• Implementing the Communication Plan in order to establish efficient internal and external communications

WP2 Preparatory study on crop protection strategies

This work package includes:
• Definition of overall specifications of novel ECO-ZEO compositions, for water efficiency, increase of crop yield, abiotic stress and biocontrol.
• Theoretical and empirical understanding of key properties of Zeolite-4A, with special attention towards interactions with additives and complementary active ingredients.
• Comprehensive survey that includes all the data necessary to complete a full risk assessment examining the foreseeable risks for each product type/formulation, with specific emphasis on human health.
• Selection and ranking of a set of additives for enhancing physico-chemical properties of the novel ECO-ZEO compositions.
• Selection and ranking of a set of active substances to be used as complementary active ingredients in the novel ECO-ZEO compositions, in front of the defined threats.

WP3 Formulation and lab trials: physical-chemical properties

• Translate Zeolite 4A in one or more new types of formulations with Zeolite 4A as main basic active ingredient. New developed compositions will be the starting point of the subsequent developments in WP4 (which will aim at
introducing complementary effects by means of additional active ingredients).
• Two categories of formulations may be obtained: on the one hand, formulations where other minor components are added to get alternative presentations such as WDG, SC or better adherence on the target; on the other hand, improved functional mixtures prepared to work with other partner active ingredients (WP4), so interactions should be considered.
• Initial assessment of physical and chemical changes of the ingredients after formulation relevant from the perspective of human health.
• Develop suitable physico-chemical properties as regards the efficacy as a catalyst of photosynthesis and gas exchange.
• Develop suitable physico-chemical properties as regards product stability, storage stability, transport (logistics) and handling operations by the end-users (farmers).

WP4 Development of novel compositions: crop protection performance of ECO-ZEO

WP4 deals with:

• Development of new zeolite-based compositions to be applied on plant’s surface with beneficial effects for water efficiency, increase of crop yield, tolerance to abiotic stress and crop protection.
• Demonstrate efficacy of using such compositions against the main threats for each crop.
• Demonstrate the effect of using Zeolite 4A as a carrier to give additional persistence to the repellents, pesticides or fungicides (complementary active ingredients).
• Development of strategies to provide stability and persistence of the overall effects.
• Initial assessment of changes in the physical, chemical and phenotypical properties of the ingredients after formulation, relevant from the perspective of human health.
• Perform preliminary lab screenings on efficacy and toxicity.
• Redesign and reassess, if necessary, the intermediate formulations in case of negative or non-conclusive results.
• Rank and select the top-performing formulations for the subsequent experimental field trials (WP5).

WP5 Experimental trials

For WP5 performance next tasks are included:
• Definition of treatments’ application strategies for field trials.
• Performance of field trials with the selected prototype compositions, on all four crops. Two field trials per crop will be conducted in two consecutive years respectively.
• Collection of data linked to efficacy against pests, diseases, water consumption and other eco-efficiency indicators defined in WP6.
• Performance of complementary eco-efficiency lab trials.
• Ranking and selection of the top-performing prototype formulations for the subsequent stages of sustainability analysis and demonstration with the farmers (end-users).

WP6 Deployment with End-Users (Farmers)

WP6 objectives are:
• Demonstrate the new applications with end-users in a non-experimental environment;
• Reporting the feedback from end-users to validate in a real scenario the overall expected impacts of the deployment of the new technology and to design a reliable market approach strategy.

WP7 Sustainability Analysis

This work package aims to:
• Evaluate the findings of experimental trials related to sustainability indicators.
• Define of eco-efficiency indicators and their assessment against the experimental trials.
• Elaborate the Life Cycle Assessment of the novel applications at the industry and farm level.
• Up-scale of the sustainability assessments at farm level towards broader spatial scales.

WP8 Pool of knowledge for future scientific and industrial developments

WP8 is focused on these activities:
• Compile the ground knowledge for users and industrial suppliers of ECO-ZEO’s applications.
• Define a ground scientific methodology for the development of further applications of Zeolite-4A for surface crop protection.
• Define a conceptual scheme for industrial up-scaling with a thorough theoretical design of an industrial production plan.
• Industrial methodology for up-scaling of further applications.
• Definition of an agenda for future research based on the needs and obstructions identified during the project.

WP9 Full Scale Exploitation and Dissemination

General objectives of WP9 are:
• To formulate an exploitation plan that is in line with the economic-sustainability objectives of ECO-ZEO (see and update the preliminary business case.
• To ensure intellectual property rights protection and use of foreground.
• To promote the compliance with the regulatory constraints through standardisation and certification.
• To raise awareness about the progress and benefits of ECO-ZEO via various dissemination actions targeting end users, the scientific community and the general public.


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