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ECOZEOA clearly defined work program has been drawn up and divided into a number of work packages (WP) and tasks allowing the team of researchers to focus on specific technical obstacles, and successfully comply with the planned schedules. The work plan is broken down into the following activity types:

  1. Management (MGT): WP1
  2. Research and Technological Development (RTD) : WP2-5 and WP7-8
  3. Demonstration (DEMO): WP 6
  4. Explotation and Dissemination: WP9


ECO ZEORTD activities will be intensive for the first year of the project. During this period important research activities related to the formulation and testing of novel ECO-ZEO compositions are scheduled. At the end of this R&D line, a selection of best performing target-specific products (in the limited scope of the lab assays) for each specific crop will be displayed. Then two consecutive rounds of field trials will be performed for each crop, where the target specific compositions will be compared against the top performing composition with only baseline effects (only zeolite 4A as active ingredient), a standard plant protection product (PPP) for that crop and a control treatment. At the end of the trials and its evaluation, a selection of the most promising composition(s) will be displayed.

Subsequent studies will then prepare the ground for the full understanding and exploitation of such compositions: deployment with end users (DEMO, WP6), analysis of the economical and environmental sustainability by means of the known as eco-efficiency indicators, with particular emphasis in the impacts on agro-biodiversity, resource-energy balance, through Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and benchmarking regarding other conventional PPPs (WP7).

A Pool of scientific and technologic knowledge for future research and development will be assembled in WP8, that will keep track of best practices and lessons learned so as to make the process as reproducible as possible in future research settings.

This pool will in turn feed the process towards future commercial exploitation and dissemination (WP9), where special attention will be raised towards the future registration and certification of the products based in the ECO-ZEO technology and the definition of future business and collaborative models.


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